The Mugunga – Lac Vert Project


Fontes Invest through its local partner Yme Grands Lacs operates, rehabilitates and extends the water scheme of Mugunga and Lac Vert to reach 25’000 people. The plan is to deliver safe and realiable water to more than 100’000 persons in the region within 1 to 2 years.

Goma with is surroundings in the Eastern Congo is the home for more than 1 million people, having been stressed through political unrest and natural disasters the last decades. Still many of the communities do not have a safe water supply. After many NGOs and the UN are withdrawing from numerous projects, people at many places are suffering from water shortages and lacking water services. Money is lacking for operation and maintenance of the infrastructure.

When volcano Nyiragongo erupted in 2002, the city centre of the Goma town, the capital of the Nord Kivu Province in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, had been destroyed by voluminous lava flows. The population had to find new areas for settlements. The Mugunga – Lac Vert area, about 20 km west of the town, was decided to become the new settlement area. During few months communities developed with schools, markets and family homes. Yme Foundation, a small NGO from Norway, established a water supply to this population with the support of local staff. With the funds of the Norwegian Government and a Swiss company, the water supply was possible to be improved and extended.

Over all these years since 2002, during periods of unrest and insecurity, highly motivated and courageous people from Goma operated and maintained the water supply with the support from other NGOs and the UN. In 2016, there was suddenly no more money to provide the water services.

In June 2016, Fontes Invest AS (Norway) mobilized investments that made it possible to start the rehabilitation of the water scheme in Mugunga – Lac Vert. Fontes Invest is supporting Yme Grands Lacs with capital for rehaiblitation and extensions and consultancy to run the water services as a professional business. Water is delivered to about 25’000 people and extensions in both pipelines and storage capacity have been construced.

Water is pumped by two pumping stations from Lake Kivu either to the water storage at Nyabyunyu or directly to the storage tanks at Mugunga III. From both sites water is distributed by gravity to 25 tap stations and 50 house connections. Although the piping system is not optimally constructed for future extensions, it allows to increase water provision to more than 60’000 persons within a couple of months.